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The liquid-plastics from FRANKEN-Systems.
The FRANKOSIL®1K plastic container:
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FRANKOSIL®1K - the fast, solvent-free 1K-waterproofing system

The 1-component solvent-free polyurethane liquid plastic FRANKOSIL® 1K is the perfect solution for complicated roof geometries and combinations of different undergrounds, such as roofs of different materials that are combined in the area of the bitumen lane. Attics, balustrades, skylight flanges, ventilators, gullies, supports, securers, lightning rods, wall connections and penetrations, etc. can be easily and permanently waterproofed quickly and safely.

The simple and fast application of the single-component liquid plastic waterproofing FRANKOSIL® 1K is a highly economic and sustainable, additional waterproofing solution.

Additionally, our "1K-polyurethane-hybrid-based roof waterproofing to be applied as a liquid" proves its ecological quality by an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). The certificate issued by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU) is globally renowned and corresponds to the ISO standard 14025.

Other benefits of FRANKOSIL®1K:

  • ecologically outstanding
  • 1-component – no mixing required
  • can be processed directly from the reclosable package
  • fast curing (from 5°C rain-proof after 1 hour)
  • solvent-free
  • UV-resistant and light-proof
  • alkaline resistant
  • permanently elastic and crack-bridging
  • softener-free
  • easy handling

Easy processing:

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