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Adjusts to any base:
The liquid-plastics from FRANKEN SYSTEMS GmbH.
Tradition yields Experience yields Innovation.
Many applications require flexible solutions.
We have several to choose from.

Products for decoration and surface protection

Once the building is properly waterproofed, the following products ensure an attractive look of the smooth or rough coating.

The following products are available to our customers:

  • FRANKOPOX single-bed layer: for scattering quartz sand
  • FRANKOMIN Colorit quartz: Grain 0.7-1.2 mm for scattering into FRANKOPOX single layer
  • FRANKOPUR® Finish: low-solvent, fast curing, waterproofing
  • FRANKOPUR® 2K-COLOR: colouring coating for FRANKOLON® waterproofing
  • FRANKOPUR® RS: lightfast 3K thick coating, quick-curing, with quartz sand
  • FRANKOLOR Chips: for decorative surface design
  • FRANKOMIN natural stone carpet: for decorative surface design
  • FRANKOPUR® NaBi: lightfast, low-solvent, fast curing binding agent

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