Sealing with plus
Adjusts to any base:
The liquid-plastics from FRANKEN SYSTEMS GmbH.
Tradition yields Experience yields Innovation.
Many applications require flexible solutions.
We have several to choose from.


With our experience of more than 50 years in the development and production of varnishes, paint and coating materials, we are an established plastic producer in Europe.

Originally, Franken-Coatings GmbH held the production, license and sales rights of the varnish and paint producer Dr. Böttiger, who had been active since 1947. The company developed them continually and continued the tradition in Franconian Kitzingen. FRANKEN SYSTEMS GmbH with its current manager Sven Luckert developed from this company in 2006.

Product quality has always been the biggest asset and the secret of the success of FRANKEN SYSTEMS GmbH. Therefore, we support and train our employees and sales partners in comprehensive trainings and further trainings in all the relevant application areas.

Find a few milestones or our recent corporate history below:

  • 1999 Formation of the Franken Coatings GmbH & Co. KG
  • 2001 Formation of the FRANKOLON GmbH & Co. KG
  • 2003 FRANKOLON® receives European licensing as roof waterproofing material (ETAG)
  • 2006 Formation of the Sales GmbH FRANKEN SYSTEMS, Kitzingen
  • 2008 Patent disclosure FRANKOLON®
  • 2010 Head of development Mr Karl Nestler leaves the company to retire
  • 2011 Launch of the new 1-K product in polyurethan technology: FRANKOSIL®1K
  • 2013 FRANKOSIL®1K receives the environmental product declaration of the Institut für nachhaltiges Bauen und Umwelt
  • 2016 FRANKEN-Systems GmbH certified to ISO 9001.
  • 2018 Market launch of FRANKOSIL®1K PLUS.

SERVICE-HOTLINE: +49 9339 / 98869-0

Quality made in Germany.


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