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Challenging architectural details sealed with liquid plastic in the floating hospital

With an investment total of approx. 230 million Euro, a 44,000 sqm new and futuristic hospital for more than 300 patients was built in the Belgian coastal town of Knokke. With its unique architecture, the building is not reminiscent of a hospital at all – an effect the planners intended to support the patients' healing process.

This extraordinary project involved the high-quality system products by FRANKEN-Systems, which were used to seal many details indoors and outdoors. For example, the inner spiral staircase in the atrium, as well as all light domes of the swimming bath, are sealed with the single-component liquid plastic FRANKOSIL® 1K.

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New generation of primers for mineral substrata

With “FRANKOPUR®PUA Primer”, the fluid plastics specialist FRANKEN-Systems GmbH of Kitzingen has developed a new kind of very fast hardening 2K primer on polyurea basis for suctioning, mineral substrata.

For who wants to professionally seal or coat mineral substrata applies: proper preparation of the substratum is the foundation for a durable end product. The ideal solution here is a reactive primer that solidifies the mechanically prepared substratum and, at the same time, provides reliable adhesive bonding for subsequent coats.

Primers on epoxy resin basis are used for this kind of application, but at temperatures below 5 ℃, they harden relatively slowly.

On the other hand, the new “FRANKOPUR®PUA Primer” – a new kind of highly reactive 2 K primer on polyurethane / polyurea basis – already hardens speedily at temperatures upwards from -10 ℃ and after one hour, polishing or applying further coats is already possible. That way, it will be no problem to carry our multi-layer repairs in a single day, even if the weather might not be playing along resp. fast construction must be ensured.

The new FRANKOPUR®PUA Primer exudes almost no odours and does not contain solvents and softeners. The product that has been tested in accordance with DIN EN 13813, can be processed into well adhering filling compounds by mixing it with fire-dried quartz sand and makes fast implementation of even difficult minute improvements possible. Thanks to the 1 : 1 mixing ratio, mixing is a piece of cake and if the handy dual chamber kneading bags of FRANKEN-Systems are used, errors can virtually be excluded.

FRANKEN-Systems offers the new FRANKOPUR® PUA Primer as stand-alone product or in conjunction with a suitable sealant and various decorative top coats as complete and harmonious ensemble.

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