Adjusts to any base:
The liquid-plastics from FRANKEN-Systems.
The FRANKOSIL®1K plastic container:
Resealable. Light. Revolutionary.
FRANKEN-Systems GmbH:
Tradition yields Experience yields Innovation.
Many applications require flexible solutions.
We have several to choose from.


Under the brand names of FRANKOLON® and FRANKOSIL®1K, FRANKEN-Systems GmbH, headquartered in Kitzingen, develops, produces and sells liquid plastics to waterproof buildings around the world. Our company considers itself a specialist for polyurethane hybrid technology. We combine traditional polyurethane chemistry with other reaction mechanisms of polymer chemistry. With this strategy, we avoid problems typical for polyurethane and combine positive product properties of different product classes.

Intense research and development work, fair partnerships and comprehensive production experience and, of course, our customers' requirements, form the basis for continuous further development and new product ideas. We have a team of qualified and motivated employees available for this. They are supported by a network of experienced suppliers and sales partners all over Europe.

Since its founding, our company has developed and produced its products at the Kitzingen site. You may therefore trust in products based on MADE IN GERMANY.

SERVICE-HOTLINE: +49 9321 / 382304-0

Quality made in Germany.


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