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The liquid-plastics from FRANKEN SYSTEMS GmbH.
Tradition yields Experience yields Innovation.
Many applications require flexible solutions.
We have several to choose from.

FRANKEN SYSTEMS-products to waterproof

"Simple", "quick", "efficient" and "long-lived" are the most important attributes of the FRANKOLON® waterproofing products. Others are "diverse", "economic", "ecologically sound" and "flexible".

It's no wonder that our products are not only used for solving problems, but also directly to retain value of buildings and constructions.


The following are our top products for waterproofing:

  • FRANKOLON® Thix: Waterproofing joints and vertical components with polyester fleece insert
  • FRANKOLON® TexTura: Waterproofing areas and joints with polyester fleece insert
  • FRANKOLON® Fläche: Waterproofing for area without polyester fleece insert
  • FRANKOSIL® 1K PLUS: 1-component waterproofing for connections and surfaces
  • FRANKOLON® Polyester Fleece: Polyester fleece insert for FRANKOLON® Thix, FRANKOLON® TexTura and FRANKOSIL® 1K PLUS

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