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Adjusts to any base:
The liquid-plastics from FRANKEN SYSTEMS GmbH.
Tradition yields Experience yields Innovation.
Many applications require flexible solutions.
We have several to choose from.

FRANKEN SYSTEMS-products to prime

For best coating of strongly absorbent or water-holding surfaces, FRANKEN-Systems GmbH offers FRANKOPOX and FRANKOLAN as perfect FRANKOLON® system primers. Primers are simply rolled or painted on. They form the basis of a deep-acting adhesion composite of coating and many different undergrounds.


We have the right solution for every underground:

  • FRANKOPOX BT-primer: Primer for mineral undergrounds
  • FRANKOPUR® PUA-primer: fast curing primer for bituminous
  • FRANKOLAN® FPO-Primer: Primers for high polymer-containing lanes
  • FRANKOLAN® TPO-Primer: Primers for high polymer-containing lanes
  • FRANKOLAN® SL Cleaner: Cleaner and adhesive for metal undergrounds for FRANKOSIL® 1K PLUS
  • FRANKOPOX US-primer: Primer for bituminous and asphalt undergrounds

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